What is a Cultural Plan?

A cultural plan is an inclusive process that engages residents, artists, arts organizations, and other sectors to identify cultural needs, opportunities, and resources.  It allows a city to think strategically about how to use its resources to help communities achieve their goals.

Why a Cultural Plan for Dallas?

Dallas already has an amazing arts scene and community.  The Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 will:

  • Analyze the city’s cultural priorities
  • Determine how Dallas residents experience culture in their daily lives
  • Plan how the city can continue to stay arts-friendly

How Will the Dallas Cultural Plan Be Developed?

The year-long process will be:

INCLUSIVE: virtual and in-person engagements will be held throughout the city– allowing Dallas residents to participate in the ways that are most comfortable.

TRANSPARENT: the digital home of the plan (here) will be constantly updated with engagement information, presentations, virtual and in-person engagement opportunities.

SUSTAINABLE: the plan will include economic impact and feasibility to ensure support and further grow the arts in Dallas.

The Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 has three phases:

  • Research and Engagement:  Residents of Dallas can have their voice heard about the future of arts and culture in Dallas. 
  • Understand and Assess: DCP2018 will be in your neighborhood. Join the conversation. 
  • Draft + Refine:  Did we get the plan right?  Join OCA in verifying the direction of arts and culture for Dallas.