What have we learned so far? 

In six months, the Dallas Cultural Plan engaged with over 5,000 residents at 96 events across the city, touching each City Council District at least once and partnering with dozens of organizations, individuals, and companies.

Holistically, here is what we heard from you; the city is looking for opportunities to:
-Broaden definitions of ‘art’ and ‘culture’

-Distribute citywide resources equitably
-Increase support for, and understanding of, ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity
-Focus public resources on organizations rather than buildings
-Coordinate and centralize communication
-Build opportunities for economic sustainability
-Attract visitors and professionals beyond Dallas’ boundaries
-Harness the value of neighborhoods while preserving the culture of those neighborhoods
-Address the need for spaces throughout the city to experience arts

The Dallas Cultural Plan Phase 1 Findings Report represents the conclusion of the initial public engagement, you can download it HERE.
You can view the Phase 1 Findings Presentation HERE.

You can view the Phase 2 Findings Presentation HERE.

Where do we go from here? We will:
-Build upon the results of the public engagement and research
-Begin planning and hosting interagency meetings:
-Develop a business model for the arts in Dallas
-Form taskforces around key themes to identify and address priorities:
-Write and distribute Draft Cultural Plan

Click the image to read the report.
Click the image to view the presentation.

What is a Cultural Plan?

A cultural plan is an inclusive process that engages residents, artists, arts organizations, and other sectors to identify cultural needs, opportunities, and resources.  It allows a city to think strategically about how to use its resources to help communities achieve their goals.

Why a Cultural Plan for Dallas?

Dallas already has an amazing arts scene and community.  The Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 will:

  • Analyze the city’s cultural priorities
  • Determine how Dallas residents experience culture in their daily lives
  • Plan how the city can continue to stay arts-friendly

How Will the Dallas Cultural Plan Be Developed?

The year-long process will be:

INCLUSIVE: virtual and in-person engagements will be held throughout the city– allowing Dallas residents to participate in the ways that are most comfortable.

TRANSPARENT: the digital home of the plan (here) will be constantly updated with engagement information, presentations, virtual and in-person engagement opportunities.

SUSTAINABLE: the plan will include economic impact and feasibility to ensure support and further grow the arts in Dallas.

The Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 has three phases:

  • Research and Engagement:  Residents of Dallas can have their voice heard about the future of arts and culture in Dallas. 
  • Understand and Assess: DCP2018 will be in your neighborhood. Join the conversation.
  • Draft + Refine:  Did we get the plan right?  Join OCA in verifying the direction of arts and culture for Dallas.