Arts and culture are created and experienced in all corners of the city, but some neighborhoods are hubs of activity for different types of artistic expression or cultural representation while others see considerably less activity than others.

In order to understand how similar, or dissimilar, Dallas neighborhoods are when it comes to accessing cultural assets, the Dallas Cultural Plan team used data to create the Cultural Plan typologies (a set of categories, classifications, or types of information based on commonalities or shared traits.)

The four typologies are:

  • Urban-Core Arts Destinations
  • Mixed Urbanism Arts to Explore
  • Residential Opportunities for Arts
  • Opportunities for Arts in Non-Traditional Spaces

The primary data used to identify the four typologies, based on access to cultural resources, are:

  • Concentrations of cultural venues identified through the Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 ecosystem mapping process
  • Access to dedicated arts venues
  • Access to city-funded public art
  • Concentrations of OCA funded performances in FY 2016-2017
  • Percent of single family residential properties

Additional detail can be found on pages 39-48 of the Dallas Cultural Plan.